Pirates Fan Loses His $12 Can Of Yuengling Trying To Catch Foul Ball

pirates brewers beer foul ball

by Tommy Gimler

Well, technically he only lost about eight bucks worth, but still, what a goddamn tragedy.

Trying to catch a foul ball is as old as the game of baseball, but neither are as old as a tasty can of Yuengling. Brewed in America’s oldest brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania since 1829, an ice-cold can of Yuengling is always a good choice after a long day’s work at the asbestos factory, and you can usually get through your next morning with only one trip to the shitter. I like things like that about my beer.

Anyway, we bring up trying to catch a foul ball and a can of Yuengling because some dude at the Pirates-Brewers game tried to catch a foul ball with a can of Yuengling in his right hand.

It didn’t go so well:

I don’t know. I mean, you could harp on the kid and make fun of him, but as a Pirates fan, he’s already been through enough. Plus, you have to give him some credit. At least he’s a Pirates fan who’s still showing up to games.

Plus, there’s a video below that proves it could always be much, much worse…

Wait, there’s more: Brewers Pitcher Adrian Houser Barfed Twice Behind The Mound After Getting Called Up Sunday

You have got to see this shit:

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