Mickey Mantle’s Outstanding Moment At Yankee Stadium Was A Getting A Knob Job Under The Bleachers


by Tommy Gimler

Odds are Mickey Mantle never had a midlife crisis.

There are two classic and historically significant letters making the rounds again after first being discovered in 2011. To be fair, we weren’t around back then, so we’re going to talk about them now. One of them was a letter from the Yankees to the great Mickey Mantle, and the other was his response.

Here’s the setup. The New York Yankees were preparing for the 50th anniversary of Yankee Stadium in the winter before the 1973 season. Public Relations Director Bob Fishel sent out letters to some of the more prominent Yankees of years past in hopes that they could recollect their most outstanding event at the stadium and put it down on paper.

Somehow, Mantle was able to remember something from his playing days despite being shithoused for most of them. His outstanding event? You guessed it – getting his cock sucked by a “nice girl” under the right field bleachers near the Yankees bullpen during the game.

mickey mantle letter mickey mantle letter 2

Unfortunately for Mantle, Statcast wasn’t around back then to determine his cum’s exit velocity or the distance it traveled before covering her face.

Well, there you have it, kids. Daryl Strawberry liked to plow broads between innings, David Cone liked to punch his clown in the bullpen, Paul Molitor couldn’t make it through a season without massive amounts of booger sugar and Mickey Mantle liked to get his pole smoked by “nice girls” under the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium on days that he wasn’t able to fuck.

At least now we know why more people prefer the baseball of yesteryear…

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You have got to see this shit:

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