Did Denver’s 2nd-Round Pick Jarred Vanderbilt Really Get Expelled From Middle School For Pooping In A Sink?

jarred vanderbilt

by Tommy Gimler

“Good dude, though.”

In one season with Kentucky, Jarred Vanderbilt never dropped more than 11 points in a single game, but he allegedly dropped a deuce for the ages when he was in middle school.

The newest addition to the Denver Nuggets courtesy of a trade with the Orlando Magic after they selected him with the 41st pick in Thursday night’s NBA Draft was apparently willing to do anything to get out of algebra class, and yes, that includes taking a shit in a sink at his middle school.

Damn, Daniel. So did Vanderbilt really get expelled for crapping in a sink when he was in middle school? Well, if you believe every word that comes from “Paul Em Dee,” then yes. But even if he did, hey, we all did stupid shit at that age. Hell, I asked out the hottest girl in school and got shut the fuck down when I was in middle school. I got tripped in the hallway, my books got knocked out of my hands and I was called every name in the book for two days because of it. Luckily, some kid pissed himself in shop class, and he became the new choice target.

And look, this isn’t the first time a college athlete has been accused of shitting where he wasn’t supposed to. Najeh Davenport allegedly got busted taking a dump in some chick’s laundry basket in her dorm room while he was at the U, and he turned out to be a force in the NFL for two seconds.

So best of luck to Vanderbilt, but if you’re with the Nuggets, you might just want to show him where the crappers are when he arrives for his first day at the practice facility. And perhaps a little “we don’t do that shit at this level, son” kind of pep talk would also be in order…

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You have got to see this shit:

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