Bartenders Pub In Baltimore Is Giving Away Free Shots If You’re There While Chris Davis Actually Gets A Hit

Chris Davis

by Tommy Gimler

Chris Davis is terrible.

Over his last ten games – eight of which have been Baltimore losses – the Orioles first baseman is just 4 for 37 with one RBI and…wait for it…18 strikeouts. According to our calculations, that’s pig shit awful. The good news for Davis is that he was already so bad this year before this 10-game stretch that his average has only dropped six points from .156 to .150.

Obviously, Davis is having one of the worst seasons ever by a Major League ballplayer, one that actually makes Jose Hernandez and Brooks Kieschnick look like Hall-of-Famers. Hits have been so scarce that one Baltimore bar is running a promotion in which everybody at the bar will get free shots of Dr. Pepper if Davis actually finds a way to hit it where they ain’t.

You have to hand to Bartenders Pub, as giving away free shots of Miller High Life mixed with amaretto liquor if the dude actually gets a hit is pretty damn funny. It’s also sounds like a great way for people to get their hands on a free laxative. I mean, High Life mixed with anything is guaranteed to give you a case of the runs you won’t soon forget.

So, c’mon Chris Davis! Help your team and all of those Baltimore residents who are a tad backed up get back on the scoreboard by getting a hit sometime this weekend against the Marlins…

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You have got to see this shit:

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