At This Point Giancarlo Stanton Deserves To Take His Bat And Hit Mike Fiers Right In The Pecker

mike fiers giancarlo stanton

by Frank Rhombus

Seriously, how hard is it to throw a fucking strike?

Most of you remember that shitty pitcher Mike Fiers drilled Giancarlo Stanton right in the face a few years ago. If not, take a look at this:


So naturally, you can understand why Stanton’s panties were wrecked and then some after Fiers came in high and tight again Monday night:  

Plucked or plunked, who gives a shit? The main point here is that Stanton somehow refrained from running out to the mound and ripping off Fiers’s cock because let’s be honest, he had every right to do so at that point. Instead, Stanton proved again that he is a bigger man than I and just waited until his next at-bat to send a Fiers curveball over the left field fence:

Here’s our advice for Mike Fiers from here on out. Either throw the ball outside four times in a row or give the man something to hit. After all, it’s much better for him if Stanton hits the ball 500 feet to left instead of him running out to the mound and jamming his Louisville Slugger down his fucking throat for plunking or plucking him again…

Wait, there’s more: Who Knew The Chicago Bears Were Such A Classy Organization?

You have got to see this shit:   

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