Just A Grown Man Punching Himself In The Face After Getting Pulled From A Baseball Game

ken giles fight club

by Tommy Gimler

It’s only a game, Focker.

A prospective employer would find many impressive things on the resume belonging to Houston Astros closer Ken Giles. I’m talking about things like World Series champion, 343 career strikeouts in only 254 innings of work, a 2.41 ERA and 68 saves in less than five years of MLB service.

But that same prospective employer might want to take a look at page two of that resume because that’s where he’ll find the words “fucking psycho.”

Here’s Giles, who the law classifies as an adult, punching himself in the face after getting pulled during Houston’s 4-0 loss to New York last night:

Let’s be honest. If they’re dishing out “random” drug tests after guys hit three or four dingers in a game, you have to think somebody at MLB would make the call to their independent public administrator and have him rush a cup over to a dude who just fight clubbed himself.

I mean, good lord. If this is what he does to himself after serving up a few runs to the Yankees, imagine what he does when he can’t get it up in the bedroom with his favorite hooker in Kansas City. Our guess is that it’s nothing short of a 45-minute Opus Dei whipping session…

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You have got to see this shit:

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