Joel Embiid Throwing A Ball Off This Kid’s Face And Then Dunking On His Ass Is Better Than Anything We Saw From Either Game 7

joel embiid face dunk

by Tommy Gimler

Cleveland against Golden State again, hey? Awesome.

For the fourth year in a row, the Warriors and Cavaliers will meet in the NBA Finals, meaning once again, the other 28 teams in the league were nothing more than fluffers. Things are getting so bad for the NBA in terms of legitimacy that even Richard Sherman is jumping on Twitter and calling it a fixed league.

Nothing entertaining outside of perhaps LeBron moving up a spot or two on the list of guys who can plow my sister or a Texas MILF shaking her yams courtside in slow-motion came out of this edition of the conference finals, and unless Draymond Green gets butt-fucked by the Tooth Fairy sometime during the third quarter of Game 1, you’re not going to see anything that you haven’t seen the last three years when the Finals start this Thursday.

So why watch this time around? Good question. We’re not. Instead, we’re going to be hoping for more street ball clips of Joel Embiid like this one of him bouncing the ball off some unsuspecting dude’s face and then throwing down a vicious dunk on him.

It’s really all just fun and games right there. Well, that and a friendly reminder for that dude to stick with accounting instead of hoops… 

Wait, there’s more: You Ever Seen A Baseball Player Get To Third Base On A Walk?

You have got to see this shit:  

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