Is Mark Sanchez Impersonating Jon Gruden The Worst Impression Of All Time?

mark sanchez gruden impression

by Frank Rhombus

Jesus. Is Mark Sanchez good at anything?

Free agent “quarterback” Mark Sanchez is having a rough 2018.

There was the news several weeks ago that he tested positive for PEDs, so any team that is dumb enough to sign him will be without his services for the first four games this year. And now there is a video that has surfaced of him from the first weekend of April at QB Summit, where people actually forked over $1,500 to have this fucking guy mentor their kids.

Just what did that $1,500 get them? You guessed it – Jon Gruden impressions. Yay! Let’s see how Mark Sanchez did:

Of course, those of us with a fully-functioning brain know that that sounds absolutely nothing like Jon Gruden. Just as a reference point, here’s the real Gruden in action:

As you can see and hear, the only person Mark Sanchez sounds like is Mark Sanchez. The fact that he was able to pass that off as a Gruden impression and somebody bought it enough to post it for all to see is just further proof that Sanchez is one the finest NFL con men of all time.

In fact, if your kid is an aspiring quarterback but you know he doesn’t have jack shit in the talent department, maybe getting him in front of Sanchez at QB Summit is the best thing for him. It just might wind up being the best $1,500 you ever spend. I mean, if Sanchez was able to last this long in the pros with no talent, then he really would be the perfect mentor for your kid…

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You have got to see this shit:

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