If You’re Going After Parents Armed With A Baseball Bat, It’s Probably Time To Stop Coaching

paul melvin baseball bat

by Tommy Gimler

And if you’re the parent he’s going after, it’s probably time to stop showing up to your kid’s baseball game dressed like an asshole.

Look how much fun they had at a baseball game in Indiana featuring 13-year-old kids over the weekend:


The saddest part about the video is that 95 percent of the 13-year-old kids who played the game probably enjoyed doing it, while the other five percent only suited up so their old man would finally “love” them. Yet once again, it was a group of shitdick parents who either thought it was Game 7 of the World Series or a dozen MLB scouts were taking time away from checking out potential Major League prospects for the trade deadline to watch their child commit five errors at third base.

According to Busted Coverage, the coach who lost his shit with the baseball bat is allegedly Cincy Flames head coach Paul Melvin. It’s unknown who the parent is, but let’s be honest. He looks like a fucking loser. And if you’re the kind of guy who’s showing up to your 13-year-old’s ball game and yelling at the opposing team’s coach, it really is exactly what you are…

Wait, there’s more: Would You Rather Get Drilled In The Testicles By A Foul Tip Or Have Your Groin Rip Off The Bone?

You have got to see this shit:

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