Watch This Tool In Jorts Get Crushed By Security At The Cubs-Rockies Game

coors field fan on field

by Frank Rhombus

Jean shorts? Running onto the field? Getting arrested? Man, making quality life choices for this guy is quite the bitch.

The Cubs-Rockies series over the weekend provided its fair share of fireworks. From Kris Bryant getting drilled in the dome to a Cubs coach getting ejected for throwing his coffee at an ump to a heated exchange between Javy Baez and D.J. LeMahieu about stealing signs or some shit, it was definitely worth the price of admission.

As an added bonus, those in attendance at Coors Field on Sunday afternoon had the pleasure of watching this shitdick in jorts run onto the diamond and have some fun for a few moments before a few security guards did their best Von Miller impressions and brought him down. Hard.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been keeping up on what is and isn’t fashionable amongst today’s youth, but wearing jorts and bright yellow cleats to a baseball game in my day was a great way of telling the world that you’re a giant bag of shit. And based on what we saw go down on Sunday afternoon, I think it’s safe to say that things haven’t changed…

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You have got to see this shit:  

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