Vince Young Is Here To Remind You To Stay In School, Kids

vince young harold landry

by Frank Rhombus

Harold Landry is one of those names you would see in a children’s book because it’s so easy to pronounce that even a six-year-old kid could do it.

So when NFL bust Vince Young was asked to read Landry’s name from the Titans’ draft card during the second round of Friday night’s NFL Draft and couldn’t do it, he proved to the world that either somebody else was doing his homework while he was in Austin or three years of a UT education is not enough to get you to the end of a Highlights magazine.

I mean, what the fuck was this?

Honor Landry? C’mon, meow. He’s playing for Boston College, not Florida Atlantic.

Seriously, has Vince Young ever met somebody named Honor? Outside of Gwenyth Paltrow or one of the Kardashians, we’re pretty sure parents 20 to 22 years ago were still going either the basic or the Bible route. Again, especially when it comes to kids attending Boston College. Even if he couldn’t read the first name that was written on the card, he would have been better off going with Hank or Henry or Hunter or Harry.

But Honor? Good lord. Really, it was just another example of Young’s inability to make good decisions during crunch time at the professional level…

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You have got to see this shit:

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