Some Dude Hit A Hole-In-One At The Masters Par 3 Contest And Then Dislocated His Ankle While Celebrating

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by Tommy Gimler

Wherever he is, Bill Gramatica isn’t laughing.

Odds are you’ll best recognize the name Tony Finau from the line, “Who in the hell is Tony Finau?”

Well, Finau hit a hole-in-one during The Masters Par 3 Contest today, and naturally, he decided to celebrate. I mean, why not? Dude just his a hole-in-one, something that Wikipedia said he only had a 2,500:1 chance of doing. For the average golfers like you and I, those odds are more like 12,500:1, and for dudes like Rick Allen, those odds are somewhere between slim to none and not a fucking chance.

Unfortunately for Finau, that celebration came to an abrupt end when he fucked up his ankle:

Props to Finau for just taking a second to assess the situation and then snapping that thing back into place. Our advice for him is to start drinking heavily and then never watch that clip again… 

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You have got to see this shit:  

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