Not This MMA Announcer’s Finest Moment

mma announcer screwup

by Frank Rhombus

My bad!

Odds are you missed Alaska Fighting Championship 139 Wednesday night because you were busy doing anything else. Seriously, more people probably went missing in Alaska either through an alien abduction or bear mauling last night than tuned into this fucking thing.

Well, those people with literally nothing else going on in their lives who had time to watch David Booker get in the octagon with Elijah Terrell witnessed a true sports rarity, as the event’s announcer dicked up not once but twice while reading the result of the fight.

Hahaha. Man, you really have to feel for the guy who wound up losing that fight, although we’re still not sure exactly which guy that was.

Any crap, wherever they are, odds are Warren Beatty and Steve Harvey will be yucking it up after watching that clip. I mean, hey. At least they didn’t fuck up twice

Wait, there’s more: Australian Man Gets 20 Months In Jail For Stabbing His Friend On A Golf Course

You have got to see this shit:  

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