Nobody Is Enjoying Life More Than Shooter McGavin

shooter mcgavin

by Tommy Gimler

Hide your daughters, guys. That is, of course, if he hasn’t already humped her.

Very rarely would you hear an actor say that his one goal in Hollywood is to get typecast so that everybody recognizes him on the street as one – and only one – of his characters.

Well, by the looks of things, our guess is that Christopher McDonald couldn’t give two shits about being known by everybody outside of his immediate family as the guy who played Shooter McGavin in Happy GilmoreJust why do we think that?

For starters, here he is collecting an appearance fee and helping a beautiful young lady remember that it’s all in the hips:

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And who can forget the mugshot he gave us after crashing his Porsche into a gas meter and telling cops who arrived on the scene that he was in Happy Gilmore?

shooter mcgavin mug shot

And now, it appears as though Shooter was “being a goddamn legend per usual” during Masters weekend with some dude in his shitty apartment. Fuck yeah, baby!


Shooter McGavin being a goddamn legend per usual


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Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit? Shooter McGavin is living the fucking dream, baby!

Wait, there’s more: Cardinals Radio Guy Mike Shannon Is Here To Talk ‘Blow Jobs’

You have got to see this shit:

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