Here’s A Cubs Coach Getting Ejected For Throwing Coffee At An Umpire After Kris Bryant Got Hit In The Head

kris bryant hit in head

by Tommy Gimler

“Oh shit.”

There really isn’t a better way to say it when somebody like Kris Bryant gets drilled in the dome with a fastball, so we’ll go ahead and say that Cubs television analyst Jim Deshaies hit it right on the head with “Oh shit.”

Thankfully, Bryant passed all tests and wasn’t showing signs of a concussion after the game, but we should all cut him some slack if he’s still talking with a stutter at his postgame pressers next month.

Hitting coach Chili Davis lost his shit (again) and was tossed from the game, but assistant hitting coach Andy Haines had something else in mind. Watch as Haines gives the umpiring crew the business by throwing his coffee at them.

We could sit and argue for at least 12 minutes about how many games Haines is going to miss after that bout of shitdickery. After all, I’m sure some lawyer out there in 2018 could argue that that coffee was in fact a weapon. But I say fuck that.

The bigger issue here is that a team like the Cubs is paying some guy to be an assistant hitting coach. What the fuck is that about? I mean, exactly what is Chili Davis getting paid to do? You’re the hitting coach, and there are only 12 to 14 guys at any one time that you need to be instructing. You’re telling me one guy can’t do that by himself?

Personally, I think it’s time for Theo and company to call in the Bobs to find out what exactly it is that Andy Haines does here…

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You have got to see this shit:

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