Finally, Here’s A Full List Of Things You Can’t Yell At The Masters

the masters

by Tommy Gimler

Mashed potatoes? Wow, huge win for twice baked.

You may have heard earlier this week that the powers that be at Augusta National came up with a list of phrases that are banned at The Masters this year, and if any of the spectators decide to yell them, they will be escorted out of the tournament. One of those phrases was “Dilly, dilly!”, which was no doubt something that was yelled by 56 percent of frat boys on spring break this year as they ejaculated into unconscious females.

But none of the other phrases were made known to the masses. Well, until now. Check out this list of “offensive” phrases that will get you thrown out of Augusta National if you’re dumb enough to yell them.

We got our hands on the top secret “NO YELL” list at the Masters.

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Dinklage for president? Really? Has that really become an issue at recent professional golf tournaments, people yelling for the GoT star to take over in the oval office in 2021?

Any crap, probably the biggest surprise after seeing the list? You guessed it: You can apparently yell “Jesus tittyfucking!” or “Don’t forget to send the check to Elin!” or “Annika Sorenstam eats box!” without losing your credentials at the greatest golf tournament known to man.

I mean, if it’s not on the list, then they can’t kick you out, right?

Wait, there’s more: Our Masters Coverage Begins With This Guy Who Decided To Have Sex With A Hole And Jam The Flagstick Up His Butt

You have got to see this shit:  

Getting a little thrust work in for this weekend @barstoolhrtland

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