Did ABC 7′s Mike Shumann Really Steal A Jacket Belonging To Stephen Curry’s Bodyguard?

mike shumann jacket

by Tommy Gimler

Mike Shumann’s Twitter page says that he’s a sportscaster at ABC7 News, former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver and Super Bowl champion. What it doesn’t mention is that he’s also a big fan of taking other people’s shit. Allegedly, of course.

According to KPIX, Shumann is accused of stealing a Warriors security official’s jacket while he was at the AT&T Center for last Thursday’s practice that was held before Golden State’s 110-97 victory over San Antonio in Game 3 of their playoff series. One of the damning pieces of evidence in the case against Shumann? You guessed it – there’s video of him walking up to the jacket, taking a gander at it and then walking out of the arena with it.

Of course if you’re Shumann, you could always make the simple argument that that dude wasn’t you. I mean, come on. You’re a Super Bowl champion and sports reporter for San Francisco’s ABC affiliate yet you’re going to walk around dressed like a 37-year-old dude who still lives with his parents?

One website is reporting that the jacket belongs to Ralph Walker, who is the Warriors head of security and Stephen Curry’s personal bodyguard. Or at least it used to be his.

Shumann’s employer KGO-TV reportedly told him to come home after they learned about the theft accusation. They issued a statement saying they are conducting a “full investigation,” which we’re assuming shouldn’t take more than two minutes to finish up…

Wait, there’s more:

You have got to see this shit:

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