Can The Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo Not Get A Burrito In Milwaukee?


by Tommy Gimler

Giannis Antetokounmpo brought the city of Milwaukee and his Bucks teammates back from the dead over the weekend to tie up their playoff series with Boston at two games apiece.

But it appears as though that still isn’t good enough for one Mexican restaurant in Brew City.

It sounds like the Greek Freak and his girlfriend were looking to chow down on some choice hot dog taquitos or perhaps some spicy pollo at BelAir Cantina after the Bucks held off the Celtics 104-102 Sunday afternoon, with the final two points coming from a Freak tip-in with just five seconds left on the clock. Giannis and his boo were greeted at the door, but after waiting for 10 minutes for a table, they decided to go to a nearby pizza joint instead.

Imagine that. You hit the most important shot for the Bucks franchise in the last 17 years, and you still can’t get a place to sit in the city you rep on the front of your jersey. No manager going up to a table that is pretty much finished and offering them a few free tacos during their next visit to get the fuck out of their seats right now and take care of their bill right at the POS station. No margaritas on the house in their hands while the table is quickly scrubbed with a toothbrush so all of the normal people germs are gone when they sit down. No waitresses ready to massage his inner thighs while he peruses the plato especiales.

Giannis didn’t seem too butthurt by BelAir’s lack of respect, but the Bucks faithful on Twitter weren’t as forgiving. That forced the social media nerd at BelAir to address the situation and even offer up free tacos to everybody if the Bucks can win the next two games, including what would be the clincher this Thursday in Milwaukee.

Of course, if the Bucks win in seven, everybody will get nothing and like it.

In a related story, either the Bucks media guide is really short-changing Giannis by listing him at 6’11″ or this employee at DiModa Pizza should be congratulated for being a productive member of society despite being only four inches tall…  

Wait, there’s more: Here’s A Cubs Coach Getting Ejected For Throwing Coffee At An Umpire After Kris Bryant Got Hit In The Head

You have got to see this shit:

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