Bold Choice By The Ottawa Senators To Give Their Fans McDonald’s Gift Cards With No Money Loaded On Them

senators mcdonalds 1

by Tommy Gimler

You’ll get nothing and like it.

Who’s running the Ottawa Senators these days, Rachel Phelps?

17,122 fans reportedly showed up last night for Ottawa’s final home game of a dreadful 2017-18 season, and in true Senators fashion, they dropped it to the visiting Winnipeg Jets 6-5. Still, it was Fan Appreciation Night, you know, where the team says thanks to its fans for sticking with them even though they were pure dog shit, so that means all of the fans still went home winners, right?


Blogger/speaker Joe Boughner was in attendance, and he must have had a horseshoe up his ass because the row he was sitting in was selected as the “lucky” row in which everybody won a $10 gift card to McDonald’s. Yay, sodium!

The problem with that? Yup, you guessed it – somebody at the Senators forgot to activate them or load them up with the ten bucks, so they weren’t worth jack shit when they showed up at the “restaurant” to order a trio of Shamrock Shakes.

senators mcdonalds

In other words, instead of a Big Mac or McChicken, everybody walked out of the joint with nothing more than a super-sized dick sandwich.

The Senators have yet to comment on the matter, but I think I’d be a little nervous if I was sitting in the row that won free bulletproof vests…

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You have got to see this shit:

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