Instant Karma Strikes Again As Boxer Wearing ‘America 1st’ Trunks With Wall Pattern On Them Gets His Ass Kicked By Mexican Fighter

fuck this guy

by Frank Rhombus

Do you really want to give a professional boxer another reason to beat your ass?

Odds are you missed the boxing match between Rod Salka and Mexican fighter Franciso Vargas earlier this week because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed Salka enter the ring wearing “America 1st” trunks with a wall pattern on them.

Let’s see how that worked out for him:

If you ‘re keeping score at home, chalk up another win for karma, who at this point is still the undefeated champ with a record of 76 million wins and zero losses…  

Wait, there’s more: You have got to see this shit:   

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