Win $100 If You Fill Out The Best NCAA Tournament Bracket

unc basketball

by Tommy Gimler

The DUD Bracket Challenge is back, baby, and this year, we’re going to make you rich, bitch! $100 if you win the damn thing.

It’s NCAA Tourney time, and that means this week, most of you will be watching college basketball for the first time this year. It also means it’s time for The DUD’s 7th Annual Free NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge. And this year, we’re giving away another $100 if your bracket is the top dog.

crazy duke fans

This sum bitch is so easy that a woman won it five years ago. Here’s how to sign up:

1) Pay nothing. It’s free. How are you not getting that?

2) Click on the picture of those fucking dorks above or on this link:

3) Click on the blue “Join Pool” box and follow the instructions to complete your entry.

4) Create a bracket name. Be sure to use a real email address that I can contact you at when you win. Is it a ton of fun to name your bracket “Your Mom’s Hump Hole Smells Like Jim Nance’s Anus?” Of course it is. But if you don’t use a real email address when you sign up, then we can’t contact you to find out where to send the cash if you win. And unless you win, we won’t send anything to your email address, not even nudie pics of Brian Portz’s wife.

5) Fill out your bracket sometime before the games start this Thursday. Don’t worry about the play-in games, as those teams are all pure dog shit anyway.

6) This year, you can fill out up to ten brackets. Hey, if you don’t have a job and need the 100 bucks that bad and actually have the time to fill out ten different brackets, I don’t care. I mean, that’s what I’m doing.

7) If one of your brackets finishes with the most points, you win $100. Just don’t tell your bitch wife because you know she’ll take it from you.

That’s it! Please send this on to your friends, family, and fuck buddies. If you have any questions, ask somebody else. Good luck…

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You have got to see this shit:

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