Why Didn’t Florida State Foul With 11 Seconds Left And Down Just 4 Points? Their Head Coach Said The Game Was Over


by Frank Rhombus

If you’ve been reading the DUD on a frequent basis since 2012, it’s no secret that the majority of us here believe a fair share of the games we watch – regardless of the sport – are more fixed than my girlfriend’s purse dog.

It’s just that usually the fix isn’t as blatant as it was near the end of Saturday night’s Michigan-Florida State Elite Eight game at the Staples Center.

Down just four points with 11 seconds left against a Michigan team that shot less than 66 percent from the charity stripe before the NCAA Tournament, Leonard Hamilton instructed his players not to foul and just walk off the court as four-point losers.

You know, no big deal, just a trip to the Final Four on the line if Michigan players managed to miss another free throw or two and your players get the rebound and hit two shots. Or maybe a Michigan player misses both free throws, your guys come down the court, hit a three-pointer, steal the inbound pass and quick hit a bunny to win the game before time expires.

Now, the odds definitely aren’t in your favor, but even children watching at home would tell you that with 11 seconds left on the clock, the game isn’t over. In fact, unfortunately for Florida State fans, the only person who did think it was over at that point was the head coach of their beloved team.

Obviously, the biggest question after the game was why in the hell Hamilton told his players not to foul in that situation, and thankfully, Dana Jacobsen at CBS Sports was wondering the same thing. Let’s just say that Hamilton didn’t care too much for that question.

Oh, the ol’ bewilderment followed by the kill the messenger routine. Props to Dana Jacobsen for standing her ground and not letting him get off without answering the question. And then it was the usual switch it up and talk about how hard the kids played and how proud you are of them. It’s the same old song and dance every single time something like this happens.

That something? You guessed it - the fix.

Before Saturday night’s game tipped off, 68 percent of the betting public jumped on Michigan -4.5 points. Another 66 percent took them to just win. That’s a lot of cash Vegas has to hand out to bettors if Michigan not only wins but also covers. But if Florida State can “find a way” to lose by less than 4.5 points, well, then Vegas is collecting on 68 percent of the spread bets and only having to pay out on 32 percent of them.

There’s a reason why the Vegas Strip is lined with high rises and bright lights and you’re still living on your grandma’s couch, and sometimes – not all the time – you need to protect your investments with a little insurance. And what you saw go down in Los Angeles tonight, well, that was some pretty good insurance…

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You have got to see this shit:  

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