The Only Proper Way To Celebrate Buffalo Knocking Off Arizona Is By Jumping Through A Table

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by Tommy Gimler

Why wouldn’t you celebrate the biggest bracket buster of the day by busting through a folding table?

The Bulls from the University of Buffalo shocked the world – you know, because they care about this shit so much in Nepal – last night when they curb stomped the Arizona Wildcats 89-68 at Taco Bell Arena in Boise.

Naturally, Buffalo fans celebrated the only way they know how. No, they didn’t plow a chick against the hood of a Toyota Corolla in the parking lot. Instead, they decided to break through the only Costco folding tables still left after a better-than-usual Bills season.

#Buffalo students celebrating literally the only way they know how. #BillsMafia

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According to Busted Coverage, that’s apparently the same dude who won 12 free pizzas at a Buffalo home game last month when he drained a half-court shot at halftime, which to us sounds like a pretty bullshit prize. Well, unless he wound up getting a handy from the delivery driver once or twice.

Either way, kudos to this dude and his beloved Buffalo Bulls. That was a big one…

Wait, there’s more: The Michigan Athletic Department’s Director Of Performance Had Quite The DUI Last Week

You have got to see this shit:

Don’t fall in love on spring break

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