Syracuse Getting To Play In This Year’s NCAA Tournament Is A F**king Joke

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by Tommy Gimler

There are greater tragedies in this world, but not many.

If there’s one thing we have learned from this year’s college basketball season so far, it’s that the NCAA and their partners are almost as crooked as Chuck Bednarik’s fingers. Look at these fucking things:

chuck bednarik

Gross. And speaking of gross, let’s talk about the Selection Committee coming to the conclusion that Syracuse was worthy of playing in this year’s NCAA Tournament over the likes of Oklahoma State, Saint Mary’s, Notre Dame or pretty much 13 other teams.

Amongst the 68 teams who made it to the Big Dance, only six teams have fewer victories, and only five teams have more losses than Syracuse. Only one team in the tourney scores fewer points per game (16-seeded Radford), and only five teams have a worse scoring margin than Syracuse. Three of those teams are 16 seeds. Nobody in the field of 68 has a worse field goal percentage than the Orange, and only Texas shoots the ball worse from beyond the arc than Syracuse does. They also rank in the bottom third amongst tourney teams in terms of turnover margin, but at this point, that’s like getting one more punch in on a dude who died five minutes earlier before fleeing the scene and hoping for the best.

The Selection Committee likes teams who win – not just play - tough games, and you can certainly make a case for Cuse playing their fair share of tough games given that they play 18 games in the ACC every year. It’s just that they didn’t win many of them against the schools that matter. Against teams like Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Miami, NC State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Florida State, Cuse finished a pig shit awful 3-7. And only one of those wins came against a team when they were ranked. In fact, their 55-52 home win against #18 Clemson was their only win against a ranked team all year.

Hell, one quarter of their ACC wins this year came against Pittsburgh, a team whose last ACC win came 370 days ago.

A whopping ten teams that the Selection Committee passed over finished with a higher Basketball Power Index (BPI) than Syracuse, including teams like Maryland, Louisiana in the Sun Belt Conference and two teams in Louisville and Notre Dame that are in the same fucking conference. In fact, Notre Dame beat Syracuse in their only meeting this year and also finished with a nice 67-66 win over then sixth-ranked Wichita State.

So just why did Syracuse make the NCAA Tournament this year? Other than the fact that Syracuse fans are delusional to the point that they will watch any game that their beloved team plays on the hardwood, I honestly have no fucking idea. And other than a shit ton of cash being jammed into their pockets by the powers that be, we’re pretty sure the Selection Committee doesn’t have a good reason either…

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You have got to see this shit:

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