Rob Refsnyder Hit Probably The Craziest Ground-Rule Double You’ll Ever See

rob refsnyder

by Tommy Gimler

Less than one week until baseball, kids!

Believe it or not, Rob Refsnyder is not the name of a pedophile living in Toledo but rather that of a Major League outfielder trying to catch on with the Cleveland Indians this spring. Despite hitting a pig shit awful .209 this spring for the Tribe, he’s apparently still in the hunt for a spot on the big league club because he’s out of options.

Of course, if we’re running an entire article on Rob Fucking Refsnyder, odds are he either got drilled in the beanbag by a line drive or hit a ground-rule double into a small hole in the wall that stands 410 feet away from home plate in centerfield. Luckily for him, it’s the latter:

Great stuff. Probably the greatest hole-in-one since this:

Talk about a hole in one

Wait, there’s more: The Story Of How Future Hall-Of-Famer Joe Thomas Cost Me $100

You have got to see this shit:


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