Odell Beckham’s Offseason Of Blunts, Cocaine And Hookers Is In Full Effect

odell beckham blunts cocaine hookers

by Frank Rhombus

Look at the size of the pepperoni on that pizza. Looks like we finally found something bigger than Odell Beckham’s ego.

It’s hard to imagine some team or somebody making a worse offseason decision than the Packers did this week when they traded former first-round pick Demarious Randall to the Browns for shitdick quarterback DeShone Kizer, but here’s Odell Beckham saying, “Hold my beer!” and coming to the rescue.

Yup, definitely not the look the crew at Nike was hoping for when they signed Odell to that massive endorsement deal, but then again, maybe they’re a fan people focusing all of their energy and tweets on something like this instead of six-year-old Indonesian kids making their sneakers for a change.

Our advice for Beckham? You guessed it – hire one of your “boys” to collect all cellphones the next time you decide to have a pizza party with blunts, booger sugar and prostitutes. Either that or just go back to eating out fat chicks.

odell beckham eating pussy

I don’t think today’s pussified American society would have a problem with Odell proving that fat chicks need dick as well on a regular basis, but another round or two with hookers and blow might be enough to end his precious little field trip…

Wait, there’s more: These Royals Players Look Ecstatic About Having To Sit Through An Anti-Porn Presentation

You have got to see this shit:  

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