Hi, I’m Aldon Smith And I’m A F**king Idiot

Aldon Smith

by Tommy Gimler

Apparently 37 second chances weren’t good enough for Aldon Smith.

The Oakland Raiders finally released the 28-year-old linebacker Monday morning after a report surfaced that officers with the San Francisco Police Department were looking for him after he fled the scene of an alleged domestic violence.

Now if you find yourself asking the question, “Wait, another one?”, well, you’re not alone. Courtesy of the crew at the Sporting News, here is a list of everything Aldon Smith has been doing since 2012 instead of making millions of dollars playing the game of football:

12 3 4 5 6

Good Christ! I almost ran out of room on my desktop taking all of those screen shots, for fuck’s sake. And are we the only ones interested in seeing a lineup of the guys this woman dated before she realized Smith was “the one?”

So there you have it, I guess. When it comes to playing for the Raiders, it’s 46 strikes and you’re out. No word if this is the guy Smith called after allegedly beating up his fiancee last night:

espn drug addiction

Wait, there’s more: You’ll Never See A Crazier Shot To Win A State Title Than This One

You have got to see this shit. I mean, seriously. What is this shit?

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