Here’s James Worthy Telling Lonzo Ball To ‘Stick It Hard, Baby!’

james worthy lit

by Tommy Gimler

James Worthy might have been Albert Belle drunk last night after the Lakers managed to hold off Memphis.

Odds are you missed the Lakers-Grizzlies game last night because you were busy doing anything else. Hell, by the looks of things, former Lakers forward and current postgame analyst James Worthy was busy smoking himself retarded instead of watching his beloved team barely take care of business against a team whose previous game ended on the wrong end of a 61-point curb stomping.

Seriously, what the fuck was he doing here?

Worthy was still all kinds of drunk and/or crazy by the time he and his co-hosts got around to interviewing Lonzo Ball, who surprisingly didn’t have his daddy behind him pulling on the strings this time around. Watch as he emphatically demands Lonzo to “take it in there and stick it hard.”

Seriously, if you would have blindfolded me and played that clip, I would have been about 96 percent sure that was Ron Jeremy getting some kind of coaching from the director on the set of his first smut flick. Alas, it was probably just James Worthy proving to the world how awesome legal edibles in Los Angeles can be…

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You have got to see this shit:


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