Hawaiian Idiot Chasing After A Baseball Gets Stuck Between Two Walls

baseball mike stuck walls

by Tommy Gimler

The 2018 MLB season doesn’t start until Thursday, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early for bloopers.

Although for the guy they call “Baseball Mike,” there was nothing funny about this for the first three hours.

According to UPI, that’s how long Michael Anthony Maggiacomo was stuck in a nine-inch gap between two concrete walls in Honolulu Friday evening before he was rescued by local firefighters.

Just what was Maggiacomo doing lodged between the exterior walls of a Walgreens and Heald College’s parking structure near Ala Moana? You guessed it – he was chasing after a fucking baseball. We’re dead serious. In fact, it was breaking news on Honolulu’s ABC affiliate KHON.

Maggiacomo didn’t do himself any favors explaining what happened afterward, telling a KHON reporter that he was bouncing a baseball (how bored is this guy?) on top of the Heald College Plaza when it “got away from him.”

“This is like the sixth ball, so I think ‘Okay, I got to go down and get these,’” Baseball Mike said. “I saw that it was skinny at the bottom but I’m skinny, very skinny. That’s when I learned that, ‘uh oh,’ but hey I’m down here to get the baseballs, so go a little lower, go a little lower. I just didn’t think I wasn’t coming back out of that hole period.”

Luckily for Maggiacomo, somebody loading up on drugs at Walgreens heard his cries for help, and the firefighters arrived on the scene a short while later. Still, it took them more than three hours to get the dude out of there because the wall “started as a tile wall and then a full concrete slab and then supported with rebar,” meaning rescue workers had to drill through all of that to get him out.

For the record, a brand new Rawlings “Official League” baseball is only $2.99 at your local sporting goods store…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s James Worthy Telling Lonzo Ball To ‘Stick It Hard, Baby!’

You have got to see this shit:

@i.kinsler3 knows he got away with one.

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