Allen Iverson Was On Some Good Shit At Last Night’s 76ers-Hornets Game

allen Iverson high

by Tommy Gimler

Was it 12 cans of Schlitz or the best herb south of the Mason-Dixon Line? The world may never know.

What does it take to make it through a Charlotte Hornets regular season home game without killing yourself? Thanks to Allen Iverson, we now know “the answer” (eh, see what we did there?) is either a case of Hamm’s or all of the fucking weed in North Carolina.

The 76ers were in town last night, meaning Iverson had a good reason to show up to Spectrum Arena to take in the action. 76ers sideline reporter Molly Sullivan felt that an A.I. interview was a good way to make sure people back in Philly wouldn’t change the channel during last night’s curb stomping, and boy was it ever.

“What brings you to Charlotte?”

“I live here.”

Solid interview. And for the record, if a woman goes out of her way to mention that you look “cool” in those glasses, she’s lying. You really look like a fucking tool, and in this case it’s probably because you’re wearing sunglasses inside an arena…

Wait, there’s more: Just A Russian Weightlifter Bleeding Profusely From His Face Mid-Lift

You have got to see this shit: 

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