You Couldn’t Possibly Jam Anything Else Up A Cowboys Fan’s Peehole At This Point

dez bryant catch

by Tommy Gimler

Jerry’s World has certainly seen some better days.

Just when you thought Cowboys fans had been through it all with the Ezekiel Elliott episode and then a butthurt Roger Goodell sending owner/GM/turd Jerry Jones a bill for more than $2 million, the NFL Competition Committee said, “Hold my beer.”

That’s right, kids. Dez Bryant’s “catch” in the Cowboys’ 2014 playoff game (that was actually played in 2015) against the Packers should have counted, but that really doesn’t do shit for Cowboys fans more than three years later. One of those diehard Cowboys fans is Adam Feuerberg, and he damn near had a heart attack upon hearing the news yesterday.

“I’m just flabbergasted by the whole thing,” Feuerberg said to the DUD Tuesday night. “I don’t ever use the word flabbergasted. I hate that word, but’s that’s how mad I am about this whole thing.”

Our latest podcast features Feurerberg’s entire rant along with excellent college basketball insight from the Sports Gambling Podcast‘s college sports expert Colby Dant. If you’re in the mood for throwing some Bitcoin down on some college hoops, then look that fucker up on Twitter (@thecolbyd). His locks are 16-3-1 this week, for Christ’s sake.

Any crap, the whole episode is a good listen, especially if your wife is using the TV to watch “This Is Us” or some shit. Enjoy…

Man, I have got to get this shit on iTunes… 

Wait, there’s more: Tough Day When You’re Playing Lacrosse And Your Mom Runs On The Field To Break Up Your Fight

You have got to see this shit:

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