Two Great Weekend Clips: Blake Griffin Being A Bitch And The Hockey Fight Of The Year

echl brawl

by Tommy Gimler

“Blake’s pissed and throws the ball off Schröder’s fucking hornet nest.”

Shoutout to my pals Jereme Macready and Drew Luthern for making my typical Monday morning of cleaning up puppy shit in the kitchen a tad more pleasurable by sending me these clips of Blake Griffin proving he belongs in Detroit and the hockey brawl of the year.

First up, what’s in the tap water in Detroit that turns athletes into the biggest cocksuckers in their respective sports? First it was Ndamukong Suh. His shitdickery was followed up by Titus Young, and now it’s apparently Blake Griffin who can’t make it through the game without being an absolute turd.

Watch as the new Pistons forward throws the ball off Dennis Schröder’s dome during the second quarter of yesterday’s 118-115 loss to Atlanta:

Of course, it becomes far less disgusting after the hysterical Bob Menery throws his million-dollar voice into the ring:

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You might remember Menery as the guy behind this amazing video of Nick Folk missing pretty much everything against the Patriots earlier this year. We recommend that you also make room in your memory bank for this one:

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Almost as intense as that young lady’s hump dance? You guessed it – this brawl from Saturday’s ECHL matchup between Toledo and Kansas City. Now odds are you missed the action because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed what is easily the best hockey fight of the year.

It all started when Kansas City “goon” Garrett Klotz sucker-punched Toledo’s A.J. Jenks and then cross-checked him three times:

And that led to this:

Here’s what David Briggs of The Toledo Blade had to say about that goon Klotz:

On alleged orders from the Mavericks coaching staff, the 6-foot-5, 235-pound Klotz — a one-trick dinosaur who has two points and 97 penalty minutes in 29 games for three teams this season — and his teammates came on to the ice midway through the third period looking for a fight. Klotz sucker-punched Jenks, then cross-checked his collapsed and defenseless body three times.

It was disgraceful, and if the ECHL is serious about player safety and moving beyond its ruffian past, the league should tell Klotz he can take his game — and I use that term loosely — elsewhere.

I guess now we’ll wait to see if anybody gives a shit about what David Briggs of The Toledo Blade has to say about, well, anything…

Wait, there’s more: Behold The Most Unfortunate Name At The Winter Olympics

You have got to see this shit:

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