One Eagles Fan Was So Excited About Winning The Super Bowl That He Decided To Eat Horse Shit

eagles fan horse shit

by Tommy Gimler

Oh, but yeah, make sure you don’t get any on your scarf, brah.

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the world by taking down the dreamy Tom Brady and his Patriots teammates in Super Bowl 52 yesterday, and that obviously will result in quite the population boom in the City of Brotherly Love nine months from now. I mean, how many kids were created in this “fucktomb” for Christ’s sake?


Sexual relations with pretty much anything was no doubt one way to celebrate Philadelphia’s first ever Super Bowl victory, but it definitely wasn’t the only way Eagles fans got their party on.

Of course, there were plenty of light pole orgies.

light pole orgy eagles fans

And we’re pretty sure this qualifies as a #MeToo moment for this light pole.

Our guess is this guy needs a fresh set of drawers.

And this guy probably needs a fresh set of chompers, a 24-hour teeth-brushing session, or a week or two in rehab.

Yeah, the odds of that guy not being at work today are 100 percent. Although if he’s a human being who eats horse shit as a form of celebration, we’ll set the odds of him even being employed at 2,500 to 1.

And just think, the party’s only going to get crazier, as from what we can tell, But Light is on the hook for free beer for the entire city:

Well then. Dilly fucking dilly, I guess…

Wait, there’s more: The Perfect Redneck Found A Checkered Can Of Busch In His 18-Pack And Won A Trip To The Daytona 500

You have got to see this shit: 

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