Jason Kelce Dropping F-Bombs On Live TV Was Outstanding

jason kelce f bombs

by Tommy Gimler

“We’re from Philly, fucking Philly. No one likes us, we don’t care!”

There will probably be a record amount of apologies dished out by local news crews in Philadelphia today, as fans and players will no doubt be channeling their inner Chase Utley at the Super Bowl 52 parade and festivities that follow into the night until downing an entire bottle of Crown Royal finally takes its toll.

The first fuck bombs dropped on live television today came courtesy of Eagles center Jason Kelce, who was dressed like an absolute pimp and walked his sexy ass past thousands of Eagles fans stacked along the barricades. He was actually able to sneak one fuck bomb in without the nerd on the board back at ABC 6 knowing it, but the second one prompted the quick cutaway to, well, anything else, much like we saw when Randy Marsh attempted to solve the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.

Yeah, the chances of that guy getting laid tonight are somewhere between 100 percent and probably twice before the parade comes to an end…

Wait, there’s more: And Here We Have Draymond Green Calling A Female Ref A ‘F**king B*tch’

You have got to see this shit:

We have our first casualty of the Eagles parade

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