And Here We Have Draymond Green Calling A Female Ref A ‘F**king B*tch’

draymond green bitch

by Tommy Gimler

There are obviously better ways to get a mega shoe deal than kicking other players in their dicks and telling a female ref she’s a “fucking bitch.”

Apparently the only player on the planet who doesn’t know that is Golden State Warriors forward/turd Draymond Green.

If you’ve been here before and know how to read, then you know that we have written and talked about Draymond Green being a “careless asshole” who likes to kick opposing players in their franks and beans on an alarmingly frequent basis. And it appears as though after his antics in Golden State’s 125-105 loss to the Thunder Tuesday night, you can also add “calling a female ref a fucking bitch” to his long list of shitdickery.

Frequent DUD contributor Gary Dudak caught it first and blasted it out to the Twitter world:

The good news for the ref is that she doesn’t have a penis. And that of course is a good thing because if she did, odds are Green would have tried to kick her in it…

Wait, there’s more: The Team LeBron Jinx Is For Real As Kristaps Porzingis Dicks Up His Knee Dunking On The Greek Freak

You have got to see this shit:

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