We Live In A Society That Needs Rob Gronkowski To Remind Us NOT To Eat Laundry Detergent

rob gronkowski tide pods

by Tommy Gimler

The fuck, people?

People in this country are apparently so goddamn bored that they are challenging others to chew on Tide Pods and then watch what happens. Well, I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen. You’re going to get sicker than shit because…wait for it…it’s fucking laundry detergent, people.

It’s gotten so bad that the crew at Tide felt the need to reach out to Patriots tight end/stud Rob Gronkowski to tell people “No!” when it comes to ingesting laundry detergent because it’s filled with ethanol, polymers and hydrogen peroxide, and again, it’s fucking laundry detergent, people.


Personally, I have nothing else to say on the matter, as the fact that we’re writing about this is simply dumbfounding. If you’re an alien reading this, now’s the time. Bombs away, baby…

Wait, there’s more: Alabama Student Gets Arrested For Passing Out Naked On Office Building Porch After National Championship Game

You have got to see this shit:


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