Unlike Their Beloved Team, The Bills Mafia Did Not Suck Balls In Jacksonville Yesterday

bills mafia

by Tommy Gimler

Looks like your favorite Jacksonville Costco store might have a shortage of folding tables this week.

Until yesterday, I had never fallen asleep during an NFL postseason game, and that included the time I pounded 30 cans of Red Dog before Super Bowl 36. But that’s exactly what happened during the second quarter of that pig shit awful Jaguars-Bills AFC Wild Card Game yesterday. I mean, I’ve seen better quarterback play in a Miami monsoon than whatever the hell that was that the combination of Blake Bortles and Tyrod Taylor brought to the table.

And speaking of tables, while their beloved team didn’t deliver on the field yesterday, the Bills Mafia sure as shit did off of it. Here’s a nice collection of clips thanks to the crew at SI:

I think I like the last one the best, as that guy looks like a poor man’s Bills Mafia member. I mean, there are no RVs to jump from in this guy’s world, just intermediate-sized rental cars. Hell, I’ll set the odds at 5-1 that that wasn’t even his sedan he jumped off of before crashing through the table on his buttocks and throwing his arms in the air.

In a related story, this call from the Titans-Chiefs game might be the worst call I have ever seen in a postseason game. I mean, if you believe that this is “forward progress being stopped thus negating the fumble” then odds are you’ll have no problem believing that I’m sporting 14 1/3 inches in my Wranglers.


Wait, there’s more: Here’s Alabama’s Strength Coach Smashing Last Year’s Runner-Up Trophy To Shit

You have got to see this shit:


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