So What Happens When Someone Yells During A Golfer’s Backswing Like This Turd Did To Tiger Woods?

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by Tommy Gimler

Unless this guy’s sister is an IHOP waitress, odds are Tiger is going to cut off his balls and feed them to his mother.

I have always wondered what would happen to a guy who yelled during a player’s backswing at a PGA tournament. Hell, given how much we as a society gamble on sports, I’m surprised it doesn’t more often.

I mean, imagine Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth are walking down the 18th fairway on the final day of the Masters, and you have a $3,000 riding on Spieth. Let’s say they’re tied as they each make their way to their monster drives in the middle of the fairway and ready themselves for their second shot. If you’re in attendance, why wouldn’t you yell something about Paulina in DJ’s backswing in the hopes that he shanks one to the right, all but locking it up for Spieth and putting a few grand in your wallet at the same time?

Any crap, they seem to have finally put enough nuts and bots and titanium back inside the Tiger “The Tin Man” Woods, and he’s actually about to make it through all four rounds of another tournament again. And he’s not playing bad either, as he’s at -4 through 14 and tied for 22nd on the leaderboard. However, it’s safe to say he would have been at -5 had some fucking turd not yelled during his birdie putt try earlier in the day.

Yeah, if you know that guy, you might want to call him up a few times this week to make sure he’s not dead.

In reality, all that’s going to happen to this clown is that he’s going to get escorted out of the tournament, they’ll take his name down and he’ll go back to working the Chick-fil-A drive-thru window tomorrow morning. So if that’s it, then why not yell during a player’s backswing if his round is fucking up your FanDuel?

Maybe if there was a harsher penalty than just being escorted back to your Hyundai Sonata, shit like this wouldn’t happen. I mean, would you yell anything during the round if this was the consequence?

Yeah, probably not. And please, kids, for the love of Christ, stop yelling “Get in the hole!” after every goddamn shot. You’re an embarrassment to both your parents and your country…

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