Kris Dunn Took A Chunk Out Of The Hardwood With His Teeth Last Night

kris dunn teeth dunk

by Tommy Gimler

Yeah, that’s less than ideal.

Chicago Bulls guard Kris Dunn’s diet over the next few days might only consist of things like applesauce, Jell-O, mashed potatoes, pussy and ice cream. The reason for that? You guessed it – Dunn accidentally landed on his face instead of his feet after dunking the ball late in the fourth quarter of last night’s loss to the Warriors.

Now I’m as white as it gets, so I don’t know shit when it comes to how you finish your dunks, but I’m going to use my college education here and assume that that is not the preferred finishing move. I’m pretty sure the maintenance crew at the United Center didn’t care for it either, as Dunn’s chompers left a gnarly divot in the hardwood.

teeth dunk floor

The good news for Dunn is that he didn’t suffer a concussion, but we’ll assume his ego was left with one hell of a bruise…

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What the frick? You have got to see this shit: 

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