Just Another NBA Player Being A Bitch And Slapping A Phone Out Of A Fan’s Hand

rodney hood phone

by Tommy Gimler

In a related story, Utah apparently still has a team that plays at the professional level.

Odds are you missed last night’s Jazz-Wizards game because you were busy doing anything else. After all, both teams are pretty much the equivalent to fluffers for the teams who’ll be there in the end like the Cavs and Warriors.

Any crap, Jazz guard Rodney Hood got ejected for…let’s see here…Christ, we can’t find it. To hell with it. Long story short is that Hood got ejected from the game and then acted like a little bitch as he made his way to the locker room, so much so that he slapped one fan’s phone out of his hand when he walked past him.

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The fan didn’t seem overly concerned about his phone’s well-being, so we’ll guess that it was his work Blackberry. The good news for the fan is that it was Rodney Hood and not Ron Artest or Jermaine O’Neal walking past him or else he might have been jacked in the fucking face…

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You have got to see this shit:

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