Alabama’s Bo Scarbrough Yells ‘F**k Trump’ Before Game Then Pulls A Trump And Says He Really Said ‘F**k Georgia’

bo scarbrough

by Frank Rhombus

Sure, you did.

I’m sick and tired of referees wasting my time and fixing big time football games, so I passed on watching last night’s CFP National Championship game. Instead? You guessed it – I was watching two chicks go to fucking town on each other like they had lathered up each of their hump holes with A1 or some shit.

But I did catch this tweet from Sporting News this morning of Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough yelling “Fuck Trump!” before Alabama’s 23-20 “win” against Georgia last night.

Yup, that’s all it is. A dude yelling “Fuck Trump!” It definitely wasn’t the first time it’s been yelled and it certainly won’t be the last, so it shouldn’t be newsworthy. But then Scarbrough tweeted that he really yelled “Fuck Georgia!” and not “Fuck Trump!”    

So we went back and “really” listened to it again, and no, dude. It was “Fuck Trump!”

Now, Scarbrough obviously isn’t in school on an academic scholarship, so there is a chance that he’s never heard of syllables. You see, kids, Trump is just one syllable and Georgia is…wait for it…two syllables, something the majority of us learned before we learned how to tie our fucking shoes.

The good news for Scarbrough is that Trump does the same shit all the time, and millions of people seem to be drinking the Kool-Aid and believe him. So odds are there are at least 1.3 million people in Alabama alone who also heard him say “Georgia” instead of “Trump.”

Roll damn Tide…

Wait, there’s more: Here’s Alabama’s Strength Coach Smashing Last Year’s Runner-Up Trophy To Shit

You have got to see this shit:

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