The Atlanta Hawks Are So Bad They Made A Woman Puke At Their Game Last Night

woman barfs at hawks game

by Tommy Gimler

This is why you never order fish tacos at a sporting event.

We throw the term “pig shit awful” around here at the DUD almost as much as Jennifer Love-Hewitt gets thrown around a gathering of gentlemen who all have their SAG cards. But never before has a team been so pig shit awful that watching them play in person literally makes you barf your fucking brains out.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2017-18 Atlanta Hawks, and keep your eye on the young lady on your left, as at least one of her five meals yesterday damn near makes it into the Hawks players’ Gatorade.

Yeah, I’ll use the bubbler instead, coach. Thanks.

Ironically, that puke sesh came during a rare Hawks win, as Atlanta found a way to come out on top of Miami last night 110-104. Still, the Hawks have lost 23 of their first 30 games, making them the worst team in the NBA at this point. But that’s only the case because Chicago has found a way to win their last six games after losing 20 of their first 23 tilts.

Anyway, the point of this story is that a woman vomited at last night’s Hawks-Heat game. Cheers…

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You have got to see this shit:

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