JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Hit On Vontaze Burfict Is The Best Thing I’ve Seen From The NFL This Year

vontaze burfict hit

by Tommy Gimler

Karma can be quite the bitch.

If your average NFL player gets blindsided and then stood over and jawed at like some dude who just found out that his best friend was fucking his wife, it shouldn’t be celebrated. That player should be flagged for being a giant turd – even ejected if it’s warranted – and then suffer whatever consequences that stem from whatever Roger Goodell and his band of moronic thugs hand down from the league office later that week.

But last night, this was no average player who got knocked the fuck out by Steelers wide receiver and instant legend JuJu Smith-Schuster. This was Vontaze Burfict, a massive pile of pig shit who is somehow still allowed to don an NFL jersey.

Beautiful. Do yourself a favor at watch it again.

In case you need a refresher, Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict has missed the first three games in each of the last two seasons for being nothing short of the NFL’s biggest sack of fuck. After numerous dirty plays against the Steelers in 2015, including a ruthless shot to Antonio Brown’s dome that eventually cost the Bengals their first playoff win since 1990, the NFL suspended him for three games to begin the 2016 season. And this minimal suspension came after a boatload of fines for shitdick play in years prior as well as several attempts to take out both Greg Olsen and Cam Newton by twisting their ankles after plays on the field had come to an end.

So a sane person would’ve thought that one more display of blatant disregard of another player’s safety would have netted this clown nothing short of a yearlong absence from the game, right? I mean after all, Roger the Clown was adamant that priority number one in the NFL was player safety, and what better way to show that that was indeed the case by putting the NFL’s dirtiest player on the shelf for an entire season if he fucked up again?

Well, Goodell got that chance earlier this year when Burfict unnecessarily blindsided Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman during a preseason game. Instead, they only gave him a five-game suspension and later…wait for it…reduced that to three after he appealed. Say what, meow? Where is the justice in that? You have an absolute ass clown running around taking out players in preseason, regular season and postseason games instead of playing the game of football, and you don’t extend but reduce his suspension? Get the fuck out of here.

I mean, this guy is such an asshole that he even went after his own teammate who was coming off of knee surgery earlier this year in training camp!

Surprisingly, people were up in arms last night after Smith-Schuster cleaned this fucker’s clock, and for those fucktards, allow me to use these four clips to remind you who finally got a taste of his own medicine during last night’s 23-20 loss to Pittsburgh.

This is how Vontaze Burfict “plays” football:


So yeah, when a guy like that gets his bell rung unnecessarily hard by an opponent, the only crying you’ll hear from me is for it to happen again and again…

Wait, there’s more: Bills Mafia Back At It As Somebody Throws Another Dildo Onto The Field

You have got to see this shit:

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