At Least One Packers Fan Is Still Quite Salty About Anthony Barr’s Hit On Aaron Rodgers

packers fan christmas card

by Tommy Gimler

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is returning to the playing field today, but that’s still not good enough for one cheesehead.

Check out this “Christmas card” one Packer Backer sent the Vikings linebacker who was responsible for breaking Aaron’s collarbone when then Vikings met up with the Packers earlier this year. Well, check that. Sure, Anthony Barr’s tackle that unnecessarily drove Rodgers’s shoulder into the ground had a little something to do with it. But hey, start drinking some goddamn milk again, dude, and maybe your bones wouldn’t be as feeble as my grandfather’s bladder.

Any crap, here’s that “Christmas card” we were talking about in which some nut job who roots for the Packers told Barr that he hopes he gets his neck snapped. Happy holidays!

An SOB bastard, hey? Settle down, buddy.

You know what I did after the Packers lost not only that game but also Rodgers for eight weeks? My wife. Then I had some dinner and brews with friends. The next morning, I took a shit like I usually do, went to work and then hung out with my wife and dogs. And why did I do all of that? You guessed it: Because it’s only a game of football, you fucking turd.

And do you know what else puts you in the turd zone? Spelling out the word “shit” using all the letters at the beginning of a letter and then using three x’s at the end of it to censor yourself. That alone makes you the real piece of sxxx here, dude…

Wait, there’s more: Is It Me Or Is Michael Bennett One Giant Bag Of Shit?

You have got to see this shit:  

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