You’re A Real Ass If You Mistake This Fake Jordan Gear From China For The Real Deal

jordan fake gear china

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not saying that Michael Jordan didn’t have a nice pooper, but this is pretty ridiculous.

Like our Indian intern Rakesh likes to say, the point of this story is about as simple as his cousin Harish, and he was born with just three quarters of a brain. Check out this “Jordan” gear that some idiots in China got duped into thinking was the real deal during their recent “Singles’ Day” shopping extravaganza, which is apparently the largest offline and online shopping day in the world, and that probably has something to do with the fact that something like 95 trillion people call that country home.

Check this out:

Well, at least now we know what it would look like if Michael Jordan and Kim Kardashian had a kid and he went on to play buckets…

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You have got to see this shit:

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