We Somehow Missed This Louisville Player Air Jerking It

ronald walker louisville

by Tommy Gimler

There’s beating an opponent and then beating off toward an opponent. Big difference, kids.

Like us, odds are you missed the Louisville-Syracuse football game 10 days ago because you were busy doing anything else. And apparently Syracuse’s own players didn’t even know they had a game to show up for because the final score was 56-10 in favor of the Cardinals.

Of course, unless somebody died falling out of the stands, two female cheerleaders rubbed each other’s hump holes together at the 50-yard line at halftime or one of the Louisville players “air jerked off” in the middle of the game, we wouldn’t have done a story on it.

Well, son of a bitch, it appears as though Louisville defensive back Ronald Walker stepped up to the fucking mic and delivered in a big way, as midway through the fourth quarter of the curb stomping, Walker looked over at the Syracuse sideline and roughed up the suspect big time.

Our sincerest of apologies, as we know that when any athlete fake whacks off during a game, we’re the first site you turn to for the story, and 10 full days after the fact just won’t cut it in this punching the clown game. Thanks to Paul from Wisconsin for sending along the link before the calendar turned to December, because God knows it would have been even more embarrassing if we wouldn’t have touched on Walker fake spanking it until then.

Again, please accept our apology, and we pledge to be much quicker with the story, picture and video the next time something like an air crank, blow job in Section 406 or a player getting tackled by his 11-inch hog goes down during the game…

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You have got to see this shit:

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