This Might Be The Dumbest Yet Most Entertaining Sport We Have Ever Seen

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by Tommy Gimler

If it came down to having to watch the Browns play the Bengals for 60 minutes or six barefoot idiots in tight rubber onesies trying to climb ice stairs for a chance at ten bucks, what the hell, sign me up for the gay Asian porn.

Huge shoutout to DUD reader Seth Garfunkel for sending along this gem, as you’ll never experience a more-thrilling three minutes of sport than what you’re about to witness. And as always, it’s a million times better with the hysterical “Ozzy Man Reviews” attached to it.

Watch as “Daredevil” and five other poor bastards try to climb the “slippery as fuck” staircase in an effort to capture the “check for ten bucks” or whatever in the hell awaits them in the treasure chest at the top.

I’m telling you, man. When those Asian kids aren’t having heart attacks during a 72-hour marathon of Ragnarok Online, they’re coming up with some brilliant fucking game shows.

Hard to say what our favorite moment of this one was because there were so many, but we’ll go with Daredevil’s “shitmeet everyone” moment or the orange wanker being called out for doing absolutely nothing. I mean, how in the fuck does that guy even get on this show? He’s like the turd who somehow got on Wheel of Fortune by giving Sajak’s assistant a knob job or some shit and then guesses “S” when there are already six of them up on the board.

And how about this “Ozzy Man Reviews” chap? Love this guy. I mean, anybody who can get me to watch two minutes of an Irish track race can fuck my sister…

Wait, there’s more: We Somehow Missed This Louisville Player Air Jerking It

You have got to see this shit:

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