These Bills Mafia Members Don’t Care That It’s A Road Game

bills mafia newborn table jump

by Tommy Gimler

According to my good pal Jereme, this game tonight “sucks,” these two teams “suck,” and Thursday Night Football “sucks.”

What doesn’t suck balls? You guessed it – the Bills Mafia, baby. And while it’s not their best work, it’s still good to see them in action despite the fact that their beloved Bills are playing at MetLife Stadium against the Jets tonight.

First up, a newborn Bills fan popping his or her “jumping through a $30 Costco table” cherry:

So cute. We’ll set the over/under of that kid’s #MeToo moments over the course of his or her life at 4 1/2.

And second, sure, we’ve all seen the Bills Mafia jump through Costco tables because it happens almost as often as Jennifer Love Hewitt fucks a guy with a SAG card. But this one is different because he’s doing it despite the fact that there’s not grass but pavement underneath his table.

And just think, if we had universal health coverage in this country, you and I would have had to pay for that shit had he missed a few inches to the left…

Wait, there’s more: Um, What If You Would Have Lost?

You have got to see this shit:

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