Nice Little Brawl At The Baylor-TCU Game Today

baylor tcu fight

by Tommy Gimler

Surprisingly, this is not footage from outside of an Alabama Walmart as Black Friday kicked off.

Odds are you missed today’s Baylor-TCU game because you were busy doing anything else, like shitting out a nasty combo of turkey and malbec or pushing an old woman out of the way so you could grab the last $73 TV left on the shelf. But that means you missed a pretty decent scrum between the two Big 12 rivals, who apparently have nothing left to play for this season other than beating the everliving shit out of each other.

Not bad for the morning after Thanksgiving, as the ref decided that the fight was nasty enough for him to issue everybody on the field an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. And if you’re looking at this in a glass half-full light, the good news is that none of the players on Baylor raped anybody there…

Wait, there’s more: Thanksgiving Is The Perfect Time To Remind Everybody That Leon Lett Was One Giant Idiot

‘Merica! You have got to see this shit (this guy is in Congress):

joe barton sexts

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