Check Out This Bills Mafia Streaker And Tennessee State Player Who Punched His Own Coach

bills streaker

by Tommy Gimler

There were zero reports of Bills Mafia members humping on the hood of a Toyota Corolla Sunday afternoon, but there was at least one pecker sighting.

The New Orleans Saints came into New Era Field and made mince fucking stew out of the Buffalo Bills to the tune of 47-10 on Sunday, but there was actually a moment during the game that sent Bills fans into a frenzy. In one flash of naked greatness, some dude ran further on the field before security caught up with him than the entire Bills team did all day.

bills streaker 1

Goddamn, do we love the Bills Mafia. I mean, no matter what the final score is, they all leave that shithole of a stadium a fucking winner. We’ll just ask the ladies and “gentlemen” of Buffalo to take it easy on the tiny peter jokes, as the game time temperature was only 40 degrees…

And odds are you missed the Tennessee State-Southeast Missouri game on Saturday because you were busy doing anything else. Hell, I was unaware that there was a single institution of higher learning in the South. But that means you missed some shitdick player punch his own coach in the face:

That was defensive end Latrelle Lee, who obviously wasn’t in school on an academic scholarship. He’s no longer on the team after sucker-punching the Tigers’ head strength coach T.J. Greenstone. We’re not sure what Lee is going to do now that he’s been expelled from the school, but our best guess is “eventually get arrested for something.”

Wait, there’s more: So This Martellus Bennett Guy Can Eat A Dick, Right?

You have got to see this shit:

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